Austin M Kerr

Austin M Kerr Hi, I'm Austin Kerr, I play bass in a band called Set It Off and write poetry under the name Dear Listener. Get to know me.

"I really love you ~~"

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Love your tits

"Will you be selling your book on this tour?"

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Yep! Just ask me

"Hi Austin! I absolutely love your poetry!"

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My poetry loves you!

"I don't understand how anyone could only want to be with you because you are in a band. You are one of the most down-to-earth, friendly person I have ever come to know through the couple interactions I've had with you. I could only be so lucky to be involved with someone as talented and as handsome as you. And that has nothing to do with the fact that you're in a band."

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Awe you are v bae

"(I haven't bought it yet but I've read my friends kindle version and plan to get it asap!)"

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"Does it make you wonder at times. If the girl only wants you because you are in a band?"

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I assume it most of the time honestly

"Would you ever date a girl who is making less money then you are?"

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Of course. Money doesn’t mean shit

"Just thought you should know you're my favorite out of the whole band, I love you so much <3 Can't wait to see you on Halloween!"

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You’re my favorite anon!

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Vintage &amp; Nature Blog

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Vintage & Nature Blog 

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Vintage &amp; Nature Blog

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Vintage & Nature Blog 

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"I'm spending my birthday weekend (December 4th) with yall in orlando so we get to reunite!"

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Literally miss you so much!

In Stores

The last few days we’ve been doing a lot of in store Meet & Greets. They’ve been really cool because it’s been a chance to see the response to the album so far. It’s also been great for getting rid of some of the kinks on new songs. By far the coolest thing was on one of the first days. One of the kids in the signing line told me he loved my book. it’s literally my favorite thing to hear. I do have to admit though, that it’s still a little awkward and I don’t now how to respond…. hahaha

I hope that I get complements way more and eventually figure out how to respond. hahaha

"My best friends birthday is the 29th and we're going to Black Mass on the 21st and i was wondering if you guys could do a birthday shout out to her during the show?"

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fo shooo

"You never like my pics on instagram ; ("

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thats lame of me : (